M5 Hunter DBM Flush Mount Bottom Metal- LA or SA Action- AICS Compatible

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Precision M5 Hunter (DBM) bottom metals are configured with a flush mounted base bottom metal design that will accept flush mount magazines and also fit all “AICS” compatible 5 or 10 round MDT designed Magazines Boxes. The bottom metal will fit all standard M5 inlets. This bottom metal is precision CNC machined from a single piece of lightweight billet 6061. Then finished with Cerakote Elite finish for ultimate durability, corrosion resistance with friction reduction. The bottom metal Fits all Remington 700 and Remington clone actions, with the M5 inlet, designed to fit all “AICS” compatible (DBM) Box magazines.
They feature a patented cantilever spring release that will not open under heavy recoil, and added reliability when loading even Magnum flush cartridges magazine boxes. These are the perfect pairing for all your M5 inletted hunting stocks and long range competition rifles for any long range objectives.

  • Available for Remington 700 (and REM 700 clone) actions in short and long action cut for flush mount magazine, or 10 round MDT (AICS) magazine boxes.
  • Make sure your action is cut for the DBM Magazine Box.
  • M5 Bottom Metal as available in a kit with both hardened action screws. Please note these bottom metals do not come with any magazine boxes. If you’re looking for the right magazine box, please visit Red Hawk Rifles to find the right magazine box for your exact paring needs.


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