Hart Cut Rifled Barrels Fluted Light Palma

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Hart Rifle Barrels is a producer of some of the finest handmade cut rifle barrels known around the world, for their unparalleled barrel accuracy. They are among a short list of manufacturers that have earned a reputation for consistent performance, delivering unrivaled accuracy from shot to shot, known in the precision rifle industry. Hart Barrels grooves will not vary more than .0001 from breech to muzzle. Barrel blanks are 1′.250″ OD thick, with 3.250″ straight shank for chambering. Hart Barrels are made from the highest grade stainless steel (416R) materiel in the world. The barrels are button rifled to produce a highly accurate twist rate, with a special (6R Grooves), where other manufactures stop at (4R grooves). Hart Custom Barrels have a specific caliber/twist rate/and contour design, all of which are hand lapped for the best possible finish. Each barrel can be ordered with a variety of customized fluting, at a extra cost to provide for the special machining required to customize the barrels appearance.


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