Brux Cut Rifled Barrels Fluted Varmint Mod

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Brux Barrels is a machine tool company located in Lodi, Wisconsin, specializing in the finest custom-made cut-rifled barrels.  Our products are hand-made by craftsmen experienced in both machine tooling and competitive shooting. We proudly create and manufacture barrels for F-Class competitors, discriminating amateur, and match shooters, dedicated long range hunters and sportsmen who demand the very best barrels in their firearm components. The barrels are hand made from only the highest grade stainless steel (416R) in the country. All barrels are custom rifled to the customer’s specifications as to the caliber, twist rate, and contour design on a CNC lathe. Barrels are hand lapped to insure ultimate perfection, before the barrel is released to the customer. “The old saying the proof is in the pudding”; Our Recent competitions have seen Brux custom cut-rifled barrels in action; with the recent OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD, and 1st and 2nd in this year’s PRS Finals!


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