XML45 Cal Muzzleloader2 L/R 1000




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Backcountry Custom Rifles XML 45 Caliber Muzzleloaders have been developed over the past 10 years of engineering and design work, using a special proprietary .308 bolt face brass ignition system, paired to our special breech plug, with re-usable ignition cartridges, add magnum primers, and capable of shooting accurately out to 1000 yards plus, @ 3130 FPS. For those that require a serious Long Range objective, and demand rifle accuracy, using our bullet-to-bore system, 325 grain highly coefficient projectiles. This rifle will shoot as accurately as a custom center fire rifle, and I promise you will be the envy of any hunt or target range…. Give us the opportunity to build you a Muzzleloader, that will meet any hunters dreams come true, or choose from another one of our Long Range Rifle calibers, where there is no “BS” about the accuracy, and rifle performance expectations really matters down range!

Stainless Steel 416R SS Action by (Defiance, Big Horn or Stiller Predator (Short Actions)
Proprietary 416 R Stainless T-Steel Cut Rifled Button Barrels, CNC Lathed, Hand Lapped, and Fluted. Stock are setup with; 13. 5” LOP-McMillan, Manners, or AG Composite Carbon Fiber material, very strong and lightweight with incredible finishes
1” Pachmayr Decelerator pad
4” Atlas Picatinny Rail, with QD cups for shoulder straps
CNC Lathe Contour Match Muzzle Brake- Harrell’s Radial Multi Port or Tri-Port Brakes
Night Force NXS Scope 5.5-22/56 MM or Leopold VX-6-HD 3-18X50 MM with Billet Rings 30MM
Timney Hit Trigger, Trigger Tech, Jewel HVR (1.8 OZ trigger set) Hawkins M5 Bottom Metal
Metal Finish-Standard Cerakote Finish. Actions, barrels, are pillar blocked and bedded
Lead times on rifle, range tested: 6 months
XML 45 Cal Rifles are setup with Powder load development, includes extra rounds of projectiles and powder charges on each Custom XML 45 Caliber
Range tested on all setups, and deliver a true 1⁄2” MOA!


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