Manners EH1A M5 DBM Inlet (Impact Precision Inlet)

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Designed with the long-range hunter in mind, the Manners Elite Hunter EH1A was built to be as light as possible while still retaining the ergonomics and ruggedness needed make for a great precision hunting stock. Built to the uncompromising standard that all Manners stocks are, the EH1A embodies several features that we feel make it a great “do it all” field stock. A 1.75″ wide forend tip that is rounded to a beaver tail that is flat and wide enough to accept up to a M24 contour barrel and a grip that is slightly longer and more of a vertical, tactical style grip are just a couple of the things that lend the Manners EH1A to be at the forefront of the precision hunting stock market. Equipped with the acclaimed KMW Terry Cross cheek hardware, the EH1A weighs in between 2.9-3.1 lbs w/ a 1″ decelerator pad and is backed by Manners 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Impact Precision Inlet
  • Long Action
  • Elite Gap Camo
  • PROOF Carbon Fiber Sendero Contour Barrel Inlet
  • Elite Hunter Shell (100% Carbon Fiber)
  • M5 DBM Inlet
  • 1″ Pachmayer Decelerator Pad
  • 2 Bipod Stud Front/1 Stud Rear
  • 2 Flush Cups Left Hand Side


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