SKB 3i-5014-6 (Custom Base)




We recommend you purchase one of our Backcountry durable custom foam “SKB” cases, or pick from one of our customized hard-sided rifle case to ship and protect your firearm to any location. These cases will allow you the protection and flexibility to have one of our hard-sided cases available for all your future hunts. They are equipped with a locking style latch system, for all security locks required by TSA, as well a great way to keep your firearm safe in storage.

A hard-sided case is a must for traveling, and approved by all Major Airlines, per TSA Firearm Guidelines. Cases are very sturdy, and approved for all flight transportation regulations. Backcountry offers you (6) different models to choose from within our product lines, one of which we hope will fit your budget, and allow you the peace of mind of having a hard-sided rifle case to protect your firearm, from incidental damage’.

Having a case would insure your rifles protection and save you the disappointing headache, of some unfortunate freight damage to your “Rifle or Scope” which could cost you a successful hunting trip. Better to have one, and not need it, than need one, and not have it!


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