Revic Acura RS25i Rifle Scope 5-25×50 Illuminated

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The RS25i strikes the perfect balance of size, cost, and optical quality. It’s very Compact and capable of quickly obtaining the shot in any zoom, using the single focal plane reticle. The 5-25 X50 MM magnification on the scope delivers everything you need in the field to be to successful. Two decades of experience and innovation led to the development of the RS25i, single focal plane scope.

This feature scope was engineered for fast paced hunting conditions. The scope was designed as a rugged, long range scope that’s ready for the mountain under any conditions. With features like our new Ballistic Data Ring, a Tool-less zero adjustment, an Ambi-Throw Lever, water proof, and the new RH2 reticle, keeping hunters in mind as we eliminated unnecessary features and trimmed the RS25i down to deadly perfection.

Adding a Ballistic Data Ring to your scope system can improve your speed to target by over 50% for many real life scenarios. BDC Turrets are available for all calibers, with the correct ballistic data, chronograph velocity, Temperature, Elevations, and most important the G-1 ballistic profile(s) for the projectile.


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