Extreme GEN3 Pod (bipod) 7″-14″




The Extreme GEN 3 Bipod. Centered on the proven foundation of our previous generations of bipods but with a few more enhancements.
The Extreme Pod is built upon our revolutionary ball and socket technology that gives the shooter 360 degree pan availability. The new GEN 3 improvements include an extra detent, allowing the bipod to deploy at a wider angle, which allows for a full range of 7 to 14 inches in height depending on the angle at which the legs are deployed at. This addition gives the shooter another level of adjustment and height depending on shooting scenarios. In addition, telescoping carbon fiber legs and textured twist lock leg adjustment gives the shooter infinite lateral adjustability. The redesigned lever lock handle allows the shooter to position the locking handle to fit whatever hand configuration the shooter finds convenient. The lever locking handle also has an internal return to center detent bringing the shooter back into alignment by feel, which allows shooters to keep their eye on the target at all times.


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