Defiance CLASSIC Short Or Long Action-Magnum

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As Defiance has grown it has gained more CNC equipment and more development in precision abilities. The already popular Classic has been updated with these precision advances to now come standard with the integral .253” recoil lug and precision machined bolts. Wire EDM-cut, full-length lug ways result in smooth bolt operation. Bolt machined from one piece of pre-hardened 4340 chrome molly in one operation. BDL cut for use with hinged floor plate or center feed magazines boxes by (Wyatt’s). The recoil lug and precision machined bolt on the Classic guarantees a headspace tolerance of +/- .001″ action to action. Weighing as little as 20.2 oz.

The Classic sets the bar for a highly recommended custom rifle action for many professional rifle builders in the world, offering a Bolt Face of .390, .408, and .545. Defiance has introduced this well-designed, precision rifle action that’s ready to work for all type shooters. The Classic action is machined from the same 416R stainless steels and to the same tolerances as the Rebel and Deviant Actions. Limited options (see below), but a versatile design that delivers either as a long range, tactical shooter, or deep in the wilderness.The Classic sets the bar for a highly recommended and reliable custom rifle action to many professional rifle builders in the world.

Receiver can be ordered with an added dual pinned 8×40 screwed, 20 MOA Picatinny Rail – *or add the optional 40 MOA Picatinny Rail, both available in our products tab for purchase. Actions are Available in long or short action 700 footprint configurations.


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