Borden BIGFOOT Long Action-Magnum

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The Borden Bigfoot action are designed to be used for big magnums such as 338 Lapua Magnum and 300 Nosler family of cartridges. The action is specifically designed to take the pressures and stresses associated with these cartridges without over stretching the steel or having lug set back. The bolt is .748 in diameter with 1.093 diameter lugs that are .465 high. The action is 1.400 in diameter and utilizes a 1 1/8×18 TPI thread for the barrel tenon with a an integral or blind pinned recoil lug. The action is designed to fit in a Remington 700 long action inletted stock opened slightly to accept the larger diameter. The action is available in a single shot or with a mag well opening to accept the Wyatt CFE12 magazine boxes or the CIP detachable magazine systems. We have a special CFE12 internal mag boxes made for us by Wyatt Outdoors so builders do not have to bend or shorten the ears on the mag box to work with the larger diameter bolt.

The action are made of hardened 416 Stainless Steel. The bolt body is hardened 4142 steel and is spiral fluted. Mirror polish is available as an option. The action are also available with dual blind pinned 1/4 inch thick recoil lug.  Receiver can be ordered with a 8×40 screwed, 20 MOA Picatinny Rail – *or add the optional 40 MOA Picatinny Rail, available in our products tab for purchase.


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