300 PRC L/R 1000/1500




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The Long range L/R-1000 /1500 yard draws from our heritage concept for a perfect all around long range rifle. We setup up an industry long range shooting course, at the 7000’ elevations out to 1760 Yards, in defining our long range shooting systems. Basically, we combine rifle accuracy, through our zero tolerance CNC machine work, world renowned precision actions, parts, proprietary button barrels,matched twist rates, added barrel groves, ballistic coefficient hand loaded ammunition, with Nightforce NXS or Leupold VX-6HD scopes, matched turrets, or yardage range drop processing, used in a shooting system for a given shot down range, which is our secret behind our long range rifles. With our efforts setting up the rifle system perfectly, breaking in the barrel, validating projectile accuracy with ballistic precision, and measuring the long range performance of the projectiles to develop the “True Ballistic Profile”, we can truly deliver “1000 / to 1500” Yards accuracy with a true 1⁄2” MOA!

L/R Rifle Calibers: 6.5 PRC, 7MM, 300 Mag, 28 Nosler, 30 Nosler, 300 PRC, 338 Lapua, 30-378
Stainless Steel 416R SS Actions (Defiance Ruckus or Stiller Predator Tac 300, Tac 338)
Proprietary 416 R Stainless T-Steel Button Barrels, CNC Lathed, Hand Lapped, & Fluted
Stock are setup; 13. 5” LOP-McMillan, Manners, AG Composite Carbon Fiber
1” Pachmayr Decelerator pad 4” Atlas Picatinny Rail, & QD cups for shoulder strap
CNC Lathe Contour Match Muzzle Brake- Harrell’s Radial Multi Port or Tri-Port Brakes
Night Force NXS Scope 5.5-22/56 MM or Leopold VX-6HD 3-18X50 MM with Billet Rings 30mm, or 34 mm tube size
Actions, barrels, are pillar blocked and bedded. Wyatt Magazine, Spring & Follower w/ Metal Finish
Calibers designed with Custom Reamers, based off our performance Brass and L/R Bullets
Timney Hit Trigger, Trigger Tech, Jewel HVR (1.8 OZ trigger set)
Hawkins M5 Bottom or Badger M5 DBM (Removable Mag box) Metal Finish-Standard Graphite Black Cerakote Finish.
Lead times on rifle, range tested: 6 months
Rifles are setup with Powder load development & Range tested on setups, and deliver a true 1⁄2” MOA!


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